It is by no co-incidence that you have found your way to my website. Nothing is by accident and everything is divinely constructed to guide us along our paths of purpose and through the labyrinth that we call “life”.

Reiki is a spiritual practice and healing art. It is the base from which all other healing can emanate.

The word Reiki is comprised of two Japanese characters – Rei and Ki.

Rei is generally accepted to mean Universal. However, there is a deeper understanding of this word which more accurately means higher knowledge or spiritual consciousness.

Ki is the life energy or vital life force.

Therefore Reiki can be defined as spiritually guided life energy.

Practicing Reiki goes hand in hand with Psychic development. The two combined allow for an even more clearly defined recognition of any spiritual, emotional, or mental blockage that may have manifested as physical illness or ailment in the body.

The practice of Reiki is also a catalyst for animal communication. Opening the heart chakra and extending that energy from you to your animal builds a “bridge” connecting you on a telepathic level. By listening with your “heart”, many ailments may be made clear to you as “impressions” in your mind. This can bring about tremendous healing and understanding between you.

We are now very much in a time of sensing that things are not working as they used to or as we thought they should. We are all gradually being “woken up” to the truth of our own personal power; that we CAN heal ourselves AND our animals, that we DO have power of choice, that we NEED to follow our dreams, that we CAN manifest our every desire, that we ARE able to make the change we want to see in the world by BEING that change, but many of us don’t know where to start.

I am both honored and excited to connect with you and I trust that you will enjoy browsing through my website and that you find a resonance with the work that I do and the services that I offer.

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