Reiki came from the Japanese word “rei” which means universal life or God’s Wisdom and “ki” which means energy.  It is an art of alternative healing that originated from Japan. A Japanese Buddhist was said to have developed it.  It is a relaxation therapy that reduces stress and promotes healing. It involves laying of hands, mantras, energies, and blessings of the Reiki practitioner.

Practitioners believe that we have a so-called life energy. If this energy is high and free flowing inside the body, you are healthy and life will be good to you. If it is low, on the other hand, then you may be experiencing mental or health problems as well as unfavorable life situations. Reiki is definitely another option for milder forms of self-help relaxation techniques.  For more serious mental and behavioral problems though, such as depression or addiction of any type, it is best getting help for an addiction from professionals themselves.




This energy is increased by the practitioner to help you relax and clear your mind. It also helps with improving your mental, physical, and emotional well-being.


How is Reiki Done?

Reiki sessions are usually done within an hour or more. For every session, the practitioner will thoroughly explain what will happen in the therapy and will ask the client for any particular issues that she or he may be having trouble with.

The client will then be asked to lie on a massage table or to sit on a chair. No piece of clothing will be removed during the therapy. The practitioner will perform light touches or will simply hold their hands above your body. The sessions are very relaxing and painless.


Uses of Reiki

Since Reiki is a spiritual healing tool used to reduce stress and increase relaxation, it is often used for wellness. It is not a cure for any disease or condition, but it can help patients heal by improving their sense of well-being. It also creates an environment that is conducive for healing and gives you a sense of peace, security, and well-being.  It can be done together with the traditional medicinal health care.

Reiki does not just involve healing physical and mental issues but it also teaches life philosophy. It encourages people to live and act in positive ways that will, in turn, give harmony in oneself and the people around you. It guides the client to live a better life.




How does it really work?


We are all believed to have life energy inside us.  Again, if the level of energy is low, then we are more prone to health issues and unhappiness in life. If the energy level is high, then we are more healthy and happy.


These so-called energies may be blocked at times, which can cause disturbances in your well-being. This is where Reiki comes in.  Reiki helps the blocked energy in your body to flow freely inside you.



Can Anyone Practice Reiki?

Yes, it can be learned and can be practiced by anyone who wishes to do it.  Reiki masters can teach their skills to others, where the environment can be informal and not in a class. The students will undergo “attunement” which will enable them to feel and pass the energy life force.