Reiki, along with acupuncture, reflexology, Ventosa, and other alternative therapies, has acquired the respect and accolades that it deserves. People from different parts of the world testify of its benefits in promoting physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness. Indeed, energy healing has helped parents, seniors, and children get through the various barriers that inhibit them from attaining peace of mind and cultivating positivity in life.



But did you know that while Reiki works effectively on humans, it is equally effective on animals as well? Yes, that is true. And what’s wonderful is that you can perform it to your animals yourself.


What is Animal Reiki Therapy?

Just as Reiki works in humans by a transmission of good energy to replace the bad, animal Reiki also involves the transfer of vital energy from you or a therapist to your pet by gentle touch or just simply laying hands on the part of the animal that needs healing. When there is bad energy in their bodies, our pets are unusually slowed, inattentive, and lazy. This lowers their immune system, therefore making them prone to illness and disease. The process of Reiki in animals is gentle and safe, and for pets that have certain diseases or illness, it can be utilized in conjunction with traditional medicine or drug therapy.


How does it Work on Animals?  

Generally, the best area to start when performing energy healing on your pets is at the base of the ears just close to the neck. This seems to produce a relaxing effect on them. When this happens, it will be much easier to let the energy flow through them. When they look more calm and comfortable, you can then progress to laying hands on the areas where you feel are in pain or not balanced. You must trust your intuition in sensing the pains of your pets.

For smaller pets like mice, birds, or hamsters, you can simply hold them and engulf them with the palm of your hand, sort of embracing them but with no pressure. You can smoothly transfer energy to them while they are cupped in your hands.

There are also times when hand positions should be specific, especially with pets that have certain illnesses or diseases. In cats with leukemia, for instance, one hand is laid on the neck region just below the jaw, where the lymph nodes are located. Then position your hands on the belly area where the thymus gland sits. This is believed to boost the cat’s immune system.




How Can Pets Benefit from Reiki Healing?

Below is a list of benefits that pets and other animals can reap through animal Reiki.

  • Dogs and cats can be hyperactive. With regular Reiki healing, their behaviors are eventually managed and they are able to relax and calm down.
  • Pets can be under stress and anxiety too, just like us. Animal Reiki helps them release the stress and tension in their bodies.
  • Reiki can speed up the healing process on animals with wounds, strains, and sprains.
  • By introducing energy healing to new pets, they easily adjust to their new home and get rid of their fears and anxieties.
  • Animals who have been rescued can benefit greatly with regular Reiki healing. They are particularly sad, depressed and traumatized from their experiences when they were homeless. With Reiki, their negative emotions are replaced with good ones and their blockages are cleared.




Benefits in Animals are Visible

You’ll know when the healing is working because most of your pets will lick, chew, yawn or drop their heads on the floor to relax. Some of them will go into a deep sleep, looking very calm and peaceful – because they are.

Reiki is the next best thing to practice in nurturing your pets and expressing your love and compassion for them. Like humans, they need physical, mental and emotional wellness to live a good life – to be the most wonderful pets that they can be.