Depression is a killer – a killer of the mind and the soul of people. I am not talking about adults only. This mental health issue is a problem of everyone, young and old, alike. This is the reason why so many individuals are going to therapy because of depression. And not only that. Aside from depression, anxiety is also an ongoing battle for some, which is why I feel so blessed for letting Reiki enter my life. It changed my way of thinking and feeling, and I believe, it has made me a better person.

As a massage therapist, my instructors also introduced us to various techniques that would assist in easing the mind and soul. Some of these were yoga, meditation and of course, Reiki. I like them all and tried everything, of course. It was my business and passion to provide comfort, ease, calm and serenity. What people didn’t know was that I too had my demons.

Every time I came out of my Reiki session, my body was in a state of bliss. I was relaxed and calm to the point that nothing negative would enter my mind and soul. My husband and children noticed that I was always in a good mood and I felt it too. There was this energy in me that wanted to be happy and fine all the time. I realized that Reiki did that for me.

With this, I started with the Reiki initiation. My hands had this warm feeling when I was channeling energy even though I was still dwindling with the idea of its effectiveness. I was half convinced at first, but I wanted to see for myself. I wanted to try it – what the heck (I said to myself), just do it! Reiki and yoga were my core, and doing both was the best decision I have ever made in my life as the first level of Reiki initiation was centered on the Self.

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The great thing about practicing yoga and Reiki was the self-healing. What people didn’t know about me was that I had an eating disorder. This was the reason why I was depressed and anxious. What was my issue? I threw it all up and then, would get angry at myself. I realized that all I had to do was channel that thinking. I had to love myself and forgive myself for all the self-hatred. This started my healing process along with a healthy way of living and eating.

Every morning, I would do yoga, and throughout the day, I would practice Reiki on my clients. I also kept a bottle of water near me at all times because it kept me hydrated, moisturized and cleansed. My breathing has improved, and overall, I was feeling better. I lived in the moment, and this kept me contented and happy.

I don’t want to divulge as to how I became bulimic, but all I can say is that my childhood was harsh. My teenage years were full of emotional hardships, and I became an adult armed with very low self-esteem. But as my best friend would say (this person brought me to the yoga and reiki life), “You’re still breathing. So, fight to stay alive!” And here I am, leading a peaceful life.

People like me who have mental health issues forget about one thing, and that is self-love. I have forgotten about my self because of all those years of hardships and pains. This was the reason why I was desperate and incessantly sad. Even though I was wronged by the people who were supposed to love and protect me, I can’t go on with life blaming them for my issues. I had to take charge and emerge as a survivor.


Loving myself was the first phase of how Reiki changed my life. I had to “be in the present,” and this phase of Reiki was a long process. I had to remove myself from the comfort zone that I was so engrossed with at first, but I did it. I released my self-hatred and let in forgiveness, acceptance, patience, compassion and simple living.

The second phase of Reiki initiation came to me as a surprise. Reiki symbols, which I learned over time, were not vibrating through me which I transmitted to people even from a distance! I was so blown away with what I can do, and all of it was because of Reiki, yoga, meditation, and therapy. Even if you’ve been to the dark side of life, know that if you focus and persevere, the light is there for you.

I sincerely hope and pray for those lost souls who think that there is nothing more to life. Please, find your center. Find that calling which can pacify your tired heart, mind, and soul. For me, it was Reiki, yoga, and meditation. These activities saved me. I hope it can save you too.