There is a common misconception about Reiki that has been spreading like holy fire — that Reiki is a religion. Reiki comes from the true God, and that doesn’t matter what god you believe in. The stronger that your faith is in your religion, then the stronger the effects of Reiki is. On top of debunking this myth, we will briefly discuss the different hand techniques and the powerful new Holy Fire Reiki that was invented to counteract the waves of myths about Reiki. Also, Holy Fire Reiki can even be used by those with no religious faith at all.


Origin Story

One of the first things that you should know about Reiki is that it was adopted as an alternative form of medicine in 1922 by Mikao Usui. It was first created in Japan. It was known in its earlier years as palm healing or hands on healing. Reiki is best described as a pseudoscience that works off of all the merit of science. But off of it on rules that lie in the foundation known as qi (or “chi” as Americans pronounce it) even though no empirical evidence has shown that such a life force exist. To say that this healing has had its doubt is a bit of an understatement as American Cancer Society, Cancer Research UK, and the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health say that it is not a replacement for conventional treatment.

Is there a measurement of a soul? We have been trying to figure this out for decades now. Yet, we cannot find a measure at all. Some thought that it was the amount of sand that one could hold in its mouth or the dying breath of the living. There is no empirical evidence of a soul, yet we believe in its existence. That is the foundation of Reiki. Just as tricky as the soul, it is anything that uses it as a basis for its system.

Spiritual In A Different Way


As stated above, Reiki does not require you to worship any deities or gods. Does that mean that not believing in a soul will dampen its effect on both the healer and healing? Yes. Are there any holy books that you must memorize cover to cover? Surely, there must be spells and incantations that you must hold dear to your heart? No, and no to the questions respectively. Many people confuse this spiritual nature to discredit as a religion. But, what is a religion without its sacred text written by men? It is this text that is the downfall of many religions and one of the many reasons that Reiki is still as alive and vigorous as it ever was in its hay day.

Hand Techniques

Now, if you believe what Reiki states about a universal energy, then you are on the right steps to have it to become a big part of your life. This universal energy, or the soul as we like to call it, is split into two parts: negative and positive. It is this mixing of the two energies that is the cost for many ailments and sickness. Through the practiced hands of anyone using Reiki for the intention of real healing, not just for the use of many scientists in this age now, then any showable results can form. The hand techniques needed for transferring this universal energy can be found in many places.

Holy Fire Reiki


Now, as for this new alternative of Reiki, this is twice as much that needs classes but the benefits surely outweigh the cons. With just two Karuna classes, the following advantages of the new Holy Fire Reiki can be yours:


*Works even when you are not thinking about it.

*Respect free will.

*Heals deep and fast.

*Evolves you are far as your personality.

*Amplifies the effects of Reiki tenfold!