Reiki has been used widely as a means to treat illnesses and to ease body pains. Some have been associating it to the re-energizing of the body through freeing blocks of energies from the mind and the heart. On the other hand, others associate it with the activation of dormant energies from the individual. In relation to this, many have been using the treatment as a means to create a perfect environment for the baby within the womb of the mother. Future mothers have been utilizing this energy attunement as well in order to ease the difficulties associated with pregnancy.

Here are some other benefits from Reiki for pregnant women:


Increased Bond for Parents and Child

Many mothers who used to have Reiki treatment while having pregnancy have reported tight relationship and bonding with their children. This has been due to the fact that in our most natural form, all energies in the universe have been freely flowing. Using Reiki from the mother to the child eases this natural flow of energy from the carrier to the offspring.


Some have also used the father as the medium for Reiki treatment while the mother is having the pregnancy. This technique makes it easier for the family to have that innate tightness and closeness with one another.


Easier and Smoother Birth Delivery

In addition, Reiki can also be used to make the birth of a child a lot easier than predicted. Some who are expected to have Cesarean Sections method of giving birth have had normal delivery after having constant Reiki treatment. This is due to the re-channeling and balancing of the energy between the mother and the child, making it a lot easier for the child to enter the world.


Another factor considered is that as early as being an infant, the child’s natural and ever-flowing energy have already been attuned and reoriented allowing easier delivery.


Attuned Energy for the Children

Children who have already been attuned with their natural energy as early as their infancy will grow with higher positive energies. If newborn infants are exposed to anxiety and stress during birth, those who experienced reiki treatment with their mothers seem to be more peaceful and calm.


Reiki treatment can be the most effective way of re-energizing the infant’s body. This treatment also ensures that they will be prepared to face the difficulties of growing up since they already have the innate ability to deal with stress, discomfort and disharmony.


To sum it all, Reiki treatment should be utilized during the pregnancy stage of a woman. It will not only provide an easier path for a mother to give birth to a child, but will also reorient all the energies of the family to the infant, making him/her healthier, more bonded and grounded to the family upon growing up.