Drug addiction is a worldwide problem that afflicts men and women, young and old alike. One of the most prevalent solutions that families do is to place their children or their loved ones in a rehabilitation center, where psychologists and trained staff assist drug addicts in their journey towards sobriety through certain processes that will instill in them discipline, responsibility, behavioral control and love for sobriety in general.

However, getting through recovery is not easy at all. People who are newly sober or just getting there may be experiencing behavioral changes that they’re unable to control at times, and negative thoughts or emotions tend to lead them into using prohibited drugs again.

Because of this, psychologists and licensed professionals in drug addiction facilities have started incorporating Reiki therapy into their program. Reiki’s holistic approach has shown amazing benefits not only for people who are treated for drug abuse but also for alcoholism and treatment of mental health conditions. Let us examine how Reiki helps hasten drug addiction recovery.


Reiki and Drug Addiction Therapy

The concept of Reiki involves focusing on an individual’s ‘qi’ or energy, which flows within all of us, keeping us feel alive and be alive. When this energy is low, as with drug and alcohol addicts and mentally ill individuals, stress and anxiety levels are particularly high, leading to sickness and other health problems. When qi is high, on the other hand, individuals tend to be more positive and happy.



That is where Reiki connects with drug addiction therapy. Drug addicts, through their years of emotional imbalance, are often tense, depressed and have bouts of mood swings that even they cannot control. Reiki is a form of holistic treatment that aims to provide relaxation and gets rid of a person’s stresses and other bad energies. The therapist attempts to do this by placing his palm above the person’s whole body – head, head, chest, extremities – and transfers energy to the person. Aside from this main benefit, Reiki also provides mental and spiritual healing – a sort of peace within – a feeling that a drug addict or anyone for that matter who feels inner turmoil should attain.


Other Benefits of Reiki Therapy

There has been tremendous evidence of the many other benefits of Reiki, which include the following:


  • Improves self-esteem
  • Gets rid of toxins and blockages in the body
  • Promotes regular sleep patterns
  • Reduces chronic pain symptoms
  • Slows down the aging process


Reiki Therapy as an Adjunct To Drug Addiction Therapy

There has not been sufficient proof claiming that Reiki alone can cure or stop drug addiction. However, its outcomes for providing relaxation, mental and emotional calm, and engraining self-confidence have been overwhelming. Thus, it can be safe to say that this holistic approach speeds up the recovery of drug and alcohol addicts, and incorporating Reiki therapy into their program should be seriously considered.



Some individuals say that after they have gone through a Reiki session, they feel as if they are floating and they feel so light and unburdened. This should be quite a delight for the recovering addict, as he feels naturally high and amazingly positive.