True to life, a suicidal person shared, ‘I knew deep within my soul that there was a light that still shined as bright as the sun just waiting to be acknowledged.’ And it was all thanks to a Reiki treatment that balanced the chakras (energy), and removed the emotional trauma.

Known as a popular Japanese healing technique that reduces stress and relaxes the mind and body, Reiki appears to be much more than that. You might have heard of how this method works. Reiki practitioners help the life force flow within your body through pathways called “chakras,” centers of spiritual power in the human body, “meridians,” pathways where energy flow, and “nadis,” which are also energy channels of the body.


Aside from its usual advantages, Reiki is also proven to help heal depression. Experience Life shared a testimonial of one girl who had several therapeutic Reiki sessions to help her prevent her suicidal tendencies. She described each session as “emotionally draining” in a good way, as her body, mind, and spirit all processed the energetic shifts she never experienced before. She was healed of her spiritual blockages, including the emotional trauma.


However, she wanted to highlight that while the said healing process is effective, it is not a “quick fix.” Once the first layer is healed, another layer may surface to be treated. After a few months of Reiki treatment, the girl gradually decreased the medication she took. By the end of the year, she was drug-free. She loved how there was no side effects with Reiki. She was healed in mind, body and spirit. She can now truly have inner peace.


According to Reiki Classes, Reiki helps heal depression by harmonizing the secretion of serotonin, which decreases the mental stress of a person. In line with this, there are other techniques used, such as Reiki symbols, positions, self-healing methods and distance healing techniques. These techniques help nullify the effect of the negative thoughts, emotions, and feelings, including that of “wanting to die.” With Reiki, one can restore the usual flow of the life force in his or her body.


Basically, depression is the state of being powerless, desperate and hopeless. As a person feels too dreadful to even cope with life, he or she tends to result to suicide to “end it all.” This has already caused emotional, mental and energetic paralysis. Using Reiki to combat depression will speed up recovery in ways you didn’t imagine before. Irrespective of age or sex, this particular healing method cures the mental stress, feelings of failure, unreasonable loneliness, angry outburst, fatigue and etc.


A Reiki treatment can be done either by self-Reiki or through a practitioner. But since depressed people may have trouble giving themselves self-healing, they are always advised to seek a practitioner. The will to care for oneself is astoundingly low for the depressed. When they start to feel better, and have their chakras replenished, they can learn how to do Reiki on themselves.