Humans are sociable individuals. This essential truth is embedded within us. And in a constant cycle of daily human interactions and associations, relationships are built. These relationships mold us in such a way that we can function and live our lives profusely.


Not all relationships can be rewarding; some can become detrimental in the long run. Human relationships that have lasted over a period can also undergo tons of misunderstandings and challenges. Failure to arrive at a resolve can lead to despair.


Agreed, that there are numerous ways that relationships can be mended. Some are temporary reprieves, and others are permanent solutions. However, these options may or may not offer a deeper spiritual remedy. Reiki can provide that.


Understanding Reiki’s Basic Essence




The Japanese believed that Reiki, incorporated into daily lives, can contribute to stress reduction and motivate relaxation. The administration of the healing energy is by way of hand-to-object transmission. From a practitioner’s hand, the energy is released, transferring its renewable force to the person requiring the attention. By treating the wholeness of the person, Reiki creates a stable condition of peace, security and overall well-being.


Having a range of usefulness from alleviating emotional baggage, to treating physical disorders, Reiki goes beyond the boundaries of that which can be perceived. It works its way to every entity by tapping the being to its core. Therefore, the healing capacity of Reiki is not only focused on your relationship with yourself but also with the people around you.


The Initial Step

Before you begin treading down to the path of righteousness and order, you must first accept that whatever complication that is revolving around your relationship as of this moment is partly because of you. Taking responsibility is the primary step to healing. It is only during the time of acceptance that you can create an authentic purpose of mending your relationship and bringing back whatever was lost.


Reiki for Interconnection




There are three symbols that masters utilize during Reiki session of establishing links in relationships.

  1. Emotional healing is helping a person use one’s intuition to create solidarity between people.
  2. Distance constructs the relationship of multiple people.
  3. Power was utilizing the flow of energy connection.


Performing the Healing

For the healing to become effective, one must undergo the following:


  1. Find tranquility. Reiki requires a place where the person or persons involved can be performed solemnly without hindrances and distractions.


  1. Know your goal. Why are you doing this? To whom is this for? What is your anticipated outcome?


  1. Identify your target. In a blank sheet of paper, note down the names of whoever is involved in this process. The name that you write should be the person who you would want to send your healing to.


  1. Concentrate and visualize. Hold the folded paper firmly that it will fit in your hands. As you close your eyes, think of the energy that flows to the paper. This will last for about 15 minutes.


  1. Recognizing that Reiki healing happened will strengthen your well-being as well as opens opportunities for reconciliation.


On a subconscious level, Reiki will recognize that there is imbalance rooted in fear, stress, and disconnection. The moment Reiki determines where the issue is coming from, it will start its process of mending.