Contentment, delight, bliss, elation, happiness – no matter how you call it, euphoria is a state of mind and body that we yearn to accomplish.


For the longest time, people have been searching far and wide for ways or techniques to reach that level of satisfaction not just on a financial stance but a more personal, deeply emotional level. The world today has been bombarded with chaos after chaos, disappointment after disappointment. Maddening current events have disturbed our world’s tranquility and influenced our current state of hopelessness and despair.


Society is not doing a good job running the world either. In fact, society has been one of the main reasons why there is a persistent, unrelenting state of imbalance.


How do we make it stop?


If you are one of those who just wanted to have that moment of harmonious disconnect and is finding for alternative ways of relieving yourself from everything that stresses you out, there’s a solution for that.


Reiki’s Invigorating Energy


According to founder Mikao Usui, Reiki, a Japanese alternative therapy which is also referred to as healing energy, is an enigmatic technique of welcoming happiness. He guaranteed that Reiki is indeed, a remarkable treatment for every disease. Methodically, Reiki will help a person diagnose all the negative thoughts that caused fear and anxiety. It will also assist the person in changing deleterious habits.


Practicing Reiki is quite simple. Instruments are not necessary. Healing goes beyond the presence of any form of powders, crystals and even wands; although, in some situations, crystals are used to assist with transporting vibrations of energy through healing from a distance or even several miles away.




Practitioners have claimed that Reiki’s effects are arbitrated by transmitting qi, the universal form of energy. Regarded as the vital force of energy that is present in the environment, qi has already been known to some extent, considering the fact that it is the similar energy involved in multiple disciplines of Asian healing practices such as Tai Chi.


Happiness in Reiki


To fulfill that state of exhilarating euphoria, Reiki promotes relaxation by facilitating a healing process that comes from within. It aids in developing spiritual, mental, and emotional well-being as well. Stress and emotional burden are also said to be eliminated. By aligning yourself with calmness and harmony, you would be able to process decisions and challenging crises in a more stable and sensible state.


As one practice Reiki, their hands become an integral part of the mechanism. The energy it releases to the different parts of the body cultivates positive behaviors essential for creating inner restoration which will then be conveyed to other people in forms of kindness, gratitude, generosity, and diligence.




Emotions can play a huge role in a person’s life. We just can’t help but get carried away. Reiki doesn’t let you worry nor does it let you feel anger. It teaches you how to be aware of your surroundings and notice the life around you.


By knowing how to control your senses and shut the negativity around you, it is possible to achieve a state of euphoria. However, the constant practice must take place.