Unbeknownst to many, the calming practice of Reiki isn’t just for adults. It’s very much recommendable for children as it builds their strong physical and mental roots, paving the way for a balanced mind and body.


If you are looking for an energy-based method of healing, then look no more. Through Reiki, you can heal, relax and build your physical and mental wellness.

REIKI— The term comes from the Japanese word, “REI,” meaning “Universal Life” and “KI,” meaning “Energy.” It is, therefore, the life energy that flows through all living things. The masters and practitioners of this method understand that everyone has the ability to connect with their own healing energy and use it to strengthen not just their own energy but also those of others. As the International Association of Reiki Professionals cited, a person’s “ki” should be strong and free flowing. Only then would that person have a positive state of health for both body and mind.

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While it may not be a cure for a disease or illness, Reiki is a great tool for stress reduction and relaxation. In addition, kids can also benefit from this, no matter how young you think they are. Here’s why:


It imbibes positivity in your children.

The said healing treatment can rid your kids of any sort of negativity arising in his or her body. A Reiki practitioner may simply be in the same room with a child, offering the energy gently, without touching or even being near the child. According to New England Naturopathic Health, as the child becomes more comfortable, the energy begins to work and the change would be evident. In fact, children are encouraged to learn about Reiki so they can implement it on themselves and become balanced and positive people when they grow up.


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It helps with hyperactive children.

In just 10 minutes a day, kids can be relieved from any issues they face. Reiki helps them become less hyper so their energy is being controlled in a better way. According to ReikiRays, it can be done through gentle touches, or by the act of beaming the energy towards the child. It truly has been helpful in the treatment of ADD/ADHD, inattentiveness, irritability, emotional issues, hyperactivity and defiance.


It helps enhance relaxation and sleep.

Much has been said about Reiki promoting mind and body balance. One doesn’t need to overthink the process. The warm and gentle touch used by practitioners of this healing method is a great experience for children. It helps them be in a mood to sleep at night through its natural soothing effect.


It directly deals with the stresses of the body and mind.

Reiki can help with energy balancing and calming emotions of depression or anxiety. By passing positive vibrations to children, they are more likely to be at ease, prompting them to be ready to take any sort of test or activity in their day to day life.

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In fact, the good effects of Reiki on children can’t be counted on the fingers of a person’s hand. The Sensory Child put together a list of all the benefits that will most likely convince you about this healing method:


  • May enhance relaxation and improve sleep
  • May help to relieve stress
  • May improve concentration in school when taking tests
  • May increase clarity and focus
  • May calm anxieties, phobias and fears which promotes a feeling of inter-peace
  • May calm and promote balance through grounding and centering
  • May enhance self-awareness and self-esteem
  • May help to manage hyper-activity and self-regulation
  • May assist in treatment of obsessive compulsions, addictions and depression
  • May alleviate hypersensitivities
  • May encourage self-awareness and empathy – a feeling of connection to living things, plants, trees and animals
  • May help with healing injuries, pain relief, pre/post-surgery
  • May promote bonding in the family
  • May help to relax muscle tone in some cases


Children are said to be “Reiki Sponges.” They are extremely receptive to soaking up its balancing energies. You don’t even have to worry because it is one of the most non-invasive, low impact and safest healing method available.