Reiki is an ancient natural healing method used to bring personal spirituality to a person. This, in turn, gives the person a sense of empowerment in their mental, physical and emotional well-being. It balances the energy flow inside your body that helps you in your holistic healing which leads to a calm, peaceful, and compassionate life. It allows your body the energy flow it needs for the body to do its natural healing ability.

Throughout our busy lives, there may come a time when we experience an imbalance in the flow of energy. This imbalance in the energy flow can lead to medical symptoms or physical symptom. These symptoms let us know that there is a need for a natural order once again, that something needs immediate attention.

The list below shows the symptoms or medical conditions where Reiki can help a person to their journey of healing:





With the hectic life we have, many people suffer from anxiety. People do not realize that this is just a way the body tells us that there is an imbalance in the energy inside us. Reiki helps the body and mind in a relaxed state which facilitates healing from any emotional trauma. Other mental conditions where Reiki can help include depression, lack of focus, ADHD, pessimist, etc.

Difficulty Sleeping/ Insomnia

There are a lot of people suffering from difficulty of sleeping. This may be due to different factors. This is just another way our body tells us that the energies inside us are not well. Through the breathing and relaxation techniques used in Reiki, a person can now have a complete rest which the body needs for holistic healing




There are different kinds of pain; it can be physical or emotional. Either way, Reiki can help. Physical conditions under pain where Reiki can help include back pain, migraine, chronic pain, autoimmune disorders, cancer, skin disorder etc. Reiki is not a treatment for cancer or other medical condition, but it does help with the management of the pain associated with these certain conditions which help.


With hectic life we have, it is very common to hear someone say that they are stressed out. This can be due to different factors. However, stress is not at all bad. It is your body’s way of protecting you. It can be either positive or negative. It can either help or break us in certain situations. What is bad is too much and prolonged stress which can lead to more serious conditions. Other emotional conditions where Reiki can help include low self-esteem, anger, jealousy, grief, depression, phobias, panic etc.


There are more symptoms and medical conditions where Reiki can be used as part of their treatment to holistic healing. Reiki helps because it relaxes your mind and body, balances your energy flow, and it also gives you a more positive outlook on life. Spirituality has been proven to improve or help you in terms of your mental, emotional and physical health