Now, if there is one thing that Reiki is known, then it is it’s healing properties. But how does it work?

There are no pills, fairy dust, or any magic that is involved here. All you require is a devote faith and the correct hand positions to turn that faith into powerful healing. There are two splits in the hand positions which are those that can heal others and those that can treat yourself.

In this article, we will focus on healing yourself. The correct hand positions, what they treat, and how to increase the healing properties will be discussed in full here.


The Hand Positions




Before you do any of these positions, please try to get yourself in a position that would make you more comfortable. Some find that asking for their proper God/Goddess for strength helps them. One last thing, keep your fingers touching throughout.


Position 6 – Place your hand beneath your throat with one hand on top of the other. Confidence is key in this position.


Position 7 – Place one hand on your throat and the other on top of your heart. Feel your chakra throughout your lungs, nose, and throat. It is in this position that you should feel it through every part of your body. Love is essential in this post.


Position 8 – Place your hand on your upper abdomen. Slowly let go of some of the pressure that is inside of you. In this post, trust is key.


Position 9 – Place your hand on your lower abdomen. Relax as you put some pressure into your abdomen in this post. In this post, grace is the key.


What Each Hand Position Treats




Position 6 – This cures anything that ails you from your throat upwards. It is commonly used to get rid of headaches, negative thoughts, and enforces positive thoughts. The record has shown that this can also relieve whooping cough, common cold, and restore your lost voice. You can only begin to heal these parts of you once you are well in tune with your throat chakra. Try to connect with that pulsing you should feel on the sides until you have their beat memorized.


Position 7 – This position is more for your emotional health than anything else. It is commonly used to dispel vengeance, heart ache (in all various forms), unhappiness, and all emotional distress that ails you. Position 7 is by far the easiest to master because the heart chakra is the easiest to detect. This is the center of all chakra. You must feel it ebb throughout your entire body.


Position 8 – This cures anything that ails you in the abdomen area along with all the other organs that reside near. Any issues with your bowels, intestines, kidneys, and colon are treated once you can control what is called your center chakra. No problems can be cured until you can feel the chakra flowing through the inflicted area. It should not feel like a throbbing but like an invisible strong force that seems as if it can be shifted or touched.


Position 9 – Now, this is where your spiritual health can be repaired. Any troubles with your faith, devotion, and sins can all be cured here with enough patience. This is the location where the soul resides when it is at rest.


Increasing the Effectiveness




All of the positions can be enhanced with enough faith. What you need to believe is that you are Reiki and that your body is the conduit that can heal anything. Patience and learning are the keys to each position if you just started. It is better that you practice Reiki years before you may possibly find out that you have a terminal illness as your emotional negativity will affect the new mind to the point where Reiki will not work. Once you have all of these things done, then only the prayer can help.

There’s no case that you should expect instant results even on a Master level.