If you have not heard anything about Reiki, then it is important that you know that it is an alternative form of medication/healing. This healing can be used to either heal yourself or others. In this article, we will discuss the proper hand positions to treat others, what each hand position treats, and how to increase the power even further. Now, if you think that you need any special powers to use these techniques, then you will be incorrect. Anyone with a strong faith in any religion can use these hand positions to heal anyone they desire.

The Hand Positions




Position 1 – Have the person you are trying to heal lay on their stomach. Place your hands right below their shoulder blades with your fingertips tracing the bone while keeping your fingers press firmly there. The person should relax while taking deep breaths and short exhales. The key in this position is trust.


Position 2 – Have the person you are trying to heal lay on their left side. Place one hand on their lats and the other on the side of their head. The same breathing techniques should be used here. The key in this positions is relaxation.


Position 3 – Have the person you are trying to heal to lay on their back while placing your hand on their lower abdomen and center of their chest. If you cannot feel their heart, then your hand is in the wrong place. The key in this position is focus.


Position 4 – Have the person you are trying to heal to lay on their back. Place both hands on their heart with your hands intersecting and overlapping each other. This time, the breathing technique needs to be reverse and tell them to clear their mind. If their heartbeat is not slow, then something is wrong. The key in this position is patience.


Position 5 – Have the person you are trying to heal lay on their right side. Place on hand on their head and the other on their waist. Tell them to hold their breath for three seconds, sharply inhale, slowly exhale and repeat. This should be all that they focus on while you focus on trying to feel out the patient chakra.


What Each Hand Position Treats




Position 1 – This is to handle all types of muscle soreness from your patient. They should feel a cooling sensation ebbing and flowing throughout their entire body while you donate your chakra to strengthen theirs. Some other ailments that these treats are all types of pain while at the same time, relieving stress. To increase the effectiveness, you and the patient should say the same prayer in sync while you wait for the sensation to happen, but either of you shouldn’t lose your concentration for a moment.


Position 2 – Now if you want to treat any emotional issue that is ailing your client then this is the position that you want to use. It focuses on flowing the chakra to your patient head to relieve them of emotional distress caused by arguments, relative death, and just the ordinary everyday issues that we face. To increase the effectiveness, the patient should tell you all that is ailing them as you focus on controlling their chakra.


Position 3 – This is how you treat a few more physical ailments by controlling the source of all of their chakra. Any heart disease (along with various others) can be healed with proper practice but for the more severe the conditions then, the more frequent and longer. This is not supposed to treat any terminal illness because you are transferring energy so it could easily attach to you. There is no way to make this more efficient.


Position 4 – Any spiritual problems that your patient is facing can be treated with this. There are numerous spiritual problems from lack of faith to the absolving of sins that can be treated with this position. Please read back to the hand positions section to figure out how to increase the power in this hand position.


Position 5 – This is more of a character development treatment as this will help your patient grow. If they are struggling with maturity or any personality issue, then this will be the key, but repetition is necessary. To increase the effectiveness, your patient will need to disclose all of their personality flaws and how it is impairing their life. Through multiple sessions, you will notice more and more growth.