Science states that there is an electromagnetic field surrounding everyone, but science also states that this is impossible to see. It is evident which claim Reiki is going to debunk since in this article you will learn the techniques that are used to see auras. Now, there are a few other dogmas out there that will teach you this same method since there is only one way to see auras but Reiki took those techniques and enhanced it further. So, either you are a veteran or new to this concept, there is something for everyone to learn here.

Defining Auras


Merriam-Webster defines aura as, “an energy field that is held to emanate from a living being”. There have been many areas of science that have tried to grabble the definition of this such as esoteric positions that refer to it as a subtle body. Psychics and holistic practitioners made repeated claims to see the size, color, and type of vibration from this living energy field that surrounds us all. In fact, the person that coined the term aura (Charles Webster Leadbeater) was a priest and mystic in the Church of English. His definition is much more bound to science, explaining everything away with hydrogen atoms, incorporating it to be more hand in hand with chakras. In reality, no one knows what this is but Reiki connects it with the soul of a person. The color can tell you a multitude of facts but before we can talk about the meaning of the colors, we must first try to see.


Step by Step Instructions for seeing other’s auras


1.) An All White Background

Everything about seeing auras hinge on this. The amount of whiteness must cover the room entirely because our auras are so faint that any colors can hide it. This is the only way to for you to see the color in its brightest. It would be foolish to paint your room white unless you tend to view the auras of multiple people, hence it would be best to cover the walls with the whitest wallpaper that you can find. The more empty the room is, the higher your chances of seeing a person’s aura.


2.) Look At The Center Of Head (Nose)

The next step is deceptively simple. Just put all of your attention on the center of a person’s head, as an individual aura first appears from the head down before ebbing back into the Earth. If you are used to seeing an aura, then where you look will become less and less relevant, but for newbies this is critical.


3.) Don’t Blink

The longer you can keep your eyes open, the higher your chances of seeing an aura. It is imperative that once you start seeing a hint of someone’s aura, you do not blink. Once you start seeing a bit of someone’s aura, the more it will reveal itself. Blink only once when it becomes unbearable or when you have seen all of the colors available. There are at the most four different layers of colors which are rare within itself to see.


Step by Step Instructions for seeing self-aura


There is not much of a difference between seeing other people’s auras and your own. All of the steps apply but instead of looking at your head, look at your hand. More specifically the center of your palm with your fingers spread as far as part as possible. Use the same rules as above and do not be shocked by what you might learn about yourself.




Colors Of Auras


This is a very brief summary of the significance of auras:

(note that these auras can come in different shades which are important as well)


Yellow – Analytical, logical, and fiercely intelligent people that tend to make excellent innovation. They tend to work too hard and can easily be described as a workaholic. Often too critical of self and others.


Red – Enthusiastic, adventurous, and energetic people that tend to find themselves in hot water. All too often too quick to anger and passionate. Often chooses self over the care of others.


Pink – Nature loving, giving, and a social butterfly that tends to do jobs that deal with people or family. They strive to make the world a better place, but often sadden when they cannot see progress. Often too naive to succeed.


Green – Perfectionist, creative, and hard working. They tend to work realistic jobs that go outside of their desires. Tend to be health conscious to a fault.


And these aren’t even half of the colors that you can see in this beautiful world.