Reiki Proven Effective for Adults

Reiki is a natural healing strategy that has been around for decades, helping individuals from all walks of life. Busy parents, employees, corporate executives, and housewives have greatly benefited from its therapeutic effects by reducing their everyday stresses and getting rid of the negativity that flows from their bodies.

Although Reiki requires no certification or state examinations to be able to practice, Reiki organizations and institutions have required more stringent standards to better control those who wish to practice the technique. And because of this, there are more and more of the quality and efficient energy healers and less and less of the false practitioners. Reiki has become a more credible form of alternative therapy that anyone can turn to.

But what about kids and teens? Adults all over the world have proven that Reiki is at par and can complement with other kinds of therapies. Can children and teenagers reap the benefits of Reiki as well?

Yes, they definitely can!


How Reiki Benefits Children and Teens

Although children and teenagers are less likely prone to stress and anxiety as compared to adults, they too have their own worries. They also face everyday challenges – getting good grades, being accepted in society, having friends in school. Those are just a few challenges that they struggle with daily.

The practice of Reiki on children and teens actually started when parents who regularly enroll in Reiki sessions tried bringing along their kids and had the Reiki practitioner treat them under their supervision. They found out that it worked very well for their kids and even their teens because their minds are innocent, open, and more accepting. They are also innately yearning for a healing touch, and vital energy that is warm and gentle would certainly make them feel more safe and secure. The effect is soothing and sleep-inducing.



Because children are more perceptive and sensitive to their environment, parents should make sure that they have found the right Reiki practitioner if they decide to have them treated regularly. Children easily detect positive or negative vibes even when they have just arrived in a Reiki clinic. That is why it is important that the energy healer is not only professional but also possesses the compassion, warmth, and gentleness that your kids would be comfortable with.


Benefits of Reiki in Children and Teens

There are various ways that children and teens can take advantage of the healing benefits of Reiki, and parents who had their children treated by their practitioners would attest to how this healing technique has positively affected their kids. Here are some of the most common benefits of Reiki in children and teens:


  • Promotes concentration, focus, and attention
  • Improves balance in mind and body
  • Like adults, Reiki has proven to reduce stress and tension levels in kids and teenagers
  • Decreases mood swings in normal and mentally challenged kids
  • Boosts confidence and encourages them to love themselves more
  • Children who have had regular Reiki treatments have shown to be less prone to depression and more optimistic than children who were not exposed to Reiki


Reiki works with Babies Too

Energy healing has also shown amazing benefits for babies who are teething, soothing them of their gum aches. Colic is also one condition that can be treated with Reiki, along with other problems such as earaches and stomach aches.



Reiki is Safe for Everyone

Here’s more good news. Parents can learn the basics of Reiki so they can do some energy healing to their babies, kids, and teenagers. You just have to be more attuned to yourself and learn how to have inner peace so that you’ll know how to transmit energy that’s positive and vibrant.

Indeed, Reiki is an awesome alternative treatment that all of us can benefit from. It is safe, pain-free, and very therapeutic for the soul – no matter how old we are.