Having your own child is one of the most fulfilling experiences of being a mother. Most mothers consider giving birth as a blessing of life. But for first-time moms, it is not always the case. One of the most common conditions for first-time moms who have given birth is PPD or Postpartum Depression. It is a condition wherein emotional anxieties occur consistently. First-time moms may feel in denial of the baby or irritability at some point.

Just like any depression, PPD is also challenging to deal with especially if you are a single mom. But don’t worry because there are alternative treatments like Reiki healing sessions that you can practice to overcome and recover from Postpartum Depression.

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Knowing Reiki Healing Sessions

Reiki signifies “spiritually guided life force energy” even though it is not by any means associated with religious beliefs. It is a part of Japanese culture wherein spiritual healing is performed through the art of energy connection. Medical studies have found that Reiki is an effective treatment to virtually recover from stress and anxieties brought by giving of birth. It allows mothers to boost relaxation, calmness, and well-being.

A regular Reiki session usually lasts for 1 to almost 2 hours. It significantly differs from massage therapy or yoga class because the first part of the healing session is more of having a conversation with the practitioner. It is the part wherein the focus is to highlight the acceptance of self-value and the reconnection with oneself. The second part is more of a hands-on portion of the session. You may choose to be touched by the practitioner or not. But for the case of mothers dealing with PPD, they usually prefer laying of hands above the body.

Undergoing Reiki healing sessions enhances the mental state and life quality of first-time moms dealing with postpartum depression because it targets the mind, the body, and the soul. It heals mental problems through the use of life force flowing into the body channels called chakras, meridians, and nadis.

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Recovery With Reiki

Mothers dealing with PPD may try to lessen the symptoms through taking in medicines, getting enough breaks from nursing the baby and participating in counseling sessions. Yet, it is not enough to entirely break free from the mental problem. Reiki offers plenty of benefits while recovering from the condition.

The first one is bringing back the lost connection of the mother from the world. Having a child sometimes make the mother feel isolated from everyone, they cannot do the things they can do during their younger years. But in Reiki, sense of connection is restored. The second one is the lower occurrence of stress.

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Reiki promotes peace of mind to mothers with PPD. And lastly, Reiki helps you develop self-determination. Mothers undergoing Reiki sessions would regain autonomy over their life. They erase the thoughts of suicidal attempts and usually form a pro-active lifestyle while getting better.

Of course, it is not an easy process for every mother to recover from postpartum depression. It does not happen overnight. But, obtaining freedom from postpartum depression could only be helped by recognizing first that you have one. Look for someone who will accompany you throughout the process of healing and for Reiki session, it’s the practitioner.