Did you think being filled with light and love and flowing as light as a feather in the Universe is possible? It is with Reiki. But before that, know the important things to do before doing a session. After all, it will certainly improve the quality of your life and help you reach your greatest health potential.


Reiki is a simple healing technique that promotes balance in the body and mind by letting the subtle energy flow through the body. Many people practice this treatment carrying the belief that they will indeed be healed. The normal way of doing this is with a Reiki Master passing energy onto a student in an attunement process. But if you want to try it yourself, you can do so anytime. You can do self-reiki for healing and personal growth; but if you’re looking for something that is a bit more “hands on” an involves a therapist (either in-person or online) you might consider speaking to a therapist.


It is important, however, to take note of some guidelines that will serve as a “process of purification” prior to the Reiki session. By doing these, the attunement energies can create greater benefits to the student. In no particular order, these are the steps one must do before doing self-Reiki:


Check the room/place where you will do your treatment.



The quality of the energy in the room is very important as it will give improved results. The room must be not too hot or too cool. The ideal place is a clean room and has windows that can be opened for fresh air and ventilation. The best place is easily nature where you can soak in your surroundings. But if you are not in a place that offers that luxury, make sure you smudge your room with sage before and after a treatment to release all the negative energies.


Use music and oils for relaxation.


If it’s your first time trying Reiki. You are not to blame if you find it difficult to concentrate. Stop thinking about the crazy stranger chat from last week which may or may not be helpful at all as mentioned in various articles and opinions that are easily found online. Also, forget about your mini quarrel with your sister at home. Instead, focus on a gentle background music during your treatment. Gentle music (especially those designed to raise vibration and frequency) can improve your state of relaxation, thus, making self-Reiki much more meaningful and effective. You can also use incense, essential oils and fresh flowers to move into a more receptive state of mind.


Remove your jewelry.



There are materials that draw or repel energies, such as jewelry. Make sure that what you’re wearing is “cleansed” on a regular basis so that its energy is still high. On another note, if your jewelry is “second hand” and you know the original owner as a depressed person or an alcoholic, then don’t wear it. Their dominant thoughts and emotions can affect and resonate out during your Reiki treatment. You don’t want that to be rubbed off onto you, do you? Diamond Mind Reiki states that the safe thing to do, in any session, is to not wear jewelry at all.

Set your intent.


Focus and divert your attention to your intent. That’s what starts the Reiki energy from flowing. Do you want to be healed of your grief? Silently say a simple invocation or a prayer of gratitude. Visualize that you already have a healed mind and body. With your thoughts and prayers, energy and action would easily follow. This is perhaps the most important thing in the whole process.



Always keep your eyes on the end goal. Reiki is a wonderful method not just for personal growth and healing, but also for deepening your awareness on the universal energy. Keep doing Reiki regularly and see the change unfold right before your eyes.