Are you fond of self-healing? If yes, you might already have heard about Reiki. If not, Reiki is originally a Japanese technique used to for relaxation and stress reduction that also induces healing. Usually, Reiki is being performed by professionals to other individuals. But, reiki can also be performed on your own.

In this article, most common ways on how you can heal yourself with Reiki will be discussed. Make sure to understand the fundamentals of Reiki before performing it on yourself.

Learning Reiki For Yourself

Typically, learning Reiki is done in group class formats. You still need someone who already have a wide knowledge about Reiki to correct you if you have placed your hands incorrectly in certain positions. Having a mentor is also beneficial because he/she can guide you on how you can be in that state of the mind that nurtures optimal healing.


Moreover, being a practitioner of Reiki depends on transferring the healing techniques of the Reiki master to his/her student in the process called attunement. This is a very powerful spiritual experience because the entire process will be guided by Rei, the Reiki god. Once you undergone the Reiki attunement, you will have Reiki as a part on your life until your last breath.

Protocol of Self-Healing Reiki

This sequence is the suggested sequence of Pamela Miles, who is a practitioner of self-treatment Reiki:

  • Crown of head
  • Face
  • Throat
  • Back of head
  • Upper chest
  • Lower ribs
  • Navel
  • Lower abdomen


To practice the protocol of self-healing Reiki, place your hands in the specific body parts in that sequence. The positioning of your hands is also important to really induce the effectiveness of Reiki. Make sure to look for the proper hand placements before practicing this protocol.

Reiki Energy for Self-Healing

Basically, Reiki is composed of two Japanese terms – Rei and Ki. Rei is considered to be the Higher Intelligence which guides the functioning and the creation of the universe. It is also considered as the god of the believers of Reiki. On the other hand, Ki is the non-physical energy that flows in all living things. Using Reiki as self-healing would entail you to have this wisdom, Rei, to direct the flow of Ki, the non-physical energy, into your whole body for the healing process. Reiki is not guided by the mind. It is the spiritual prowess that entails and mediates the healing process.  If you want to learn how to perform Reiki for self-treatment, you have to develop your spiritual prowess so that Rei can freely direct Ki in your body for healing.


There are actually many resources online that offers teaching Reiki for self-healing. You can check them out anytime. Learn as much as you can before committing yourself into this art of self-healing.