When people heard about the amazing benefits of Reiki therapy, most of them had doubts about its techniques and their effectiveness to heal conditions such as migraines, body pains, fibromyalgia and even cancer. They wouldn’t believe that a practice so simple to perform would actually be capable of helping them get rid of the negativity within them and replace them with positive ones.

A few years ago, Reiki’s popularity rose as the number of celebrities and other famous personalities began publicizing their Reiki and other alternative therapy experiences. They make up a large portion of the 38% of Americans who have embraced holistic approaches to healing. Let us take a look at the popular people who have regular alternative medicine treatments to get rid of their stresses and everyday challenges.


Famous People Going for Holistic Therapy


  • Gwyneth Paltrow. More than a decade ago, Paltrow intrigued fans and paparazzi when she arrived at an award’s night with circular traces on her back. It was later discovered that she had a session of Ventosa or cupping massage a few days before that. She is a fan of alternative medicine and would try out and regularly engage in certain therapies that she feels is helping her.




  • Mehmet Oz. Dr. Oz believes that Reiki has become an important part of his life and he definitely recommends it to everyone – young and old, sick and not sick. He relates that hundreds of hospitals in America are already offering Reiki as a form of adjunct to their other treatments, claiming that it has made most patients feel much better. According to him, “If you have got a medical problem that you can’t solve, you may find the answer in Reiki healing.”


  • Oprah Winfrey. This immensely popular TV host/actress has talked a lot about alternative healing on her show, and she has sponsored several Reiki healers to promote their practice and how it is able to help people get through their everyday stresses. One of those energy healers is Iyanla Vanzant, who created a six-week online Reiki course that also included forgiveness meditations.


  • Elle Macpherson. This super hot model not only watches what she eats but also takes care of her body by having regular acupuncture treatments. She values wellness but does not depend on strong medicines but rather on natural remedies to keep her strong and healthy.


  • The pop singer shocked the world when she said in a show that the cure for athlete’s foot is by urinating on the foot! Madonna is known for being eccentric and not very traditional, even with the way she takes care of herself. She practices different types of holistic therapies, particularly yoga.


  • Sarah Ferguson. Popular for being one of those who wore weird royalty hats, this former Duchess of York had been regularly treated by a Russian Reiki master who performs what she would call bio energy treatments. According to her, these treatments aim to break negativity within her and promote wellness and healing naturally.




  • Princess Diana. Said to be a fanatic of alternative medicine, she used to undergo reflexology treatments when she was still alive. Like Reiki, reflexology is a holistic approach to healing through stimulation of different trigger points of the body.



To sum it up, all of these celebrities have the same goals – to feel good inside and out, to face everyday with positivity the natural way.




There is no danger in trying out these natural approaches if you are curious as to why these famous people have embraced such practices. It is definitely safe and the only effect that is sure you will experience is total relaxation and peace.