Reiki is an ancient Japanese art whose goal is to promote better well-being among individuals by dissolving the stress they have in their bodies and minds. According to Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki, engaging oneself in Reiki is a miraculous medicine for any disease, improves relationships within couples and families, and is the secret art of attracting all types of happiness into your life.

One of the misconceptions about this exercise is that it is a kind of meditation which requires the participation of just one person. He or she is free from distractions, thus making it easier for him or her to find her center. What people do not know is that they can do Reiki in groups—especially for couples who are experiencing some bumps along their relationship.

“There is no burden too heavy, no deed that can’t be undone in the heart that dares to look upon another with love,” says Jillian and John Anthony, a couple who focused on couples Reiki meditation to solve their problems and worked their way towards a better relationship.

Even though Reiki is a silent exercise that requires only movements, no exchanging of words, couples can still benefit from this. Here are some of the reasons why Reiki is the perfect practice for reconnection and healing.


Reiki Cleanses Your Body

By cleansing, we do not mean flushing out the physical toxins in your body. What Reiki releases are all the non-beneficial and negative energies inside you.

As a couple, start by sitting or lying down beside each other. Make sure that you find a quiet and comfortable area. While you are in this position, try holding hands with each other so you can feel the energy flowing within both of your bodies. Relax both of your bodies and breath in deeply. While you are inhaling together, reminisce all the happy things that you have experienced with each other.

After this, exhale slowly and imagine all the negative weight and stress you have experienced as a couple so that you can flush them out of your body.

Doing this exercise together enables both of you to take a trip down the memory lane with the benefit of remembering the best moments and eliminating the negative ones.

Reiki Enhances Decision-Making

According to researches, one of the reasons why couples break up is their inability to have a meaningful argument. Both are always consumed with anger and flow of extreme emotions while talking to one another. Hence, it is essential to maintain a certain level of mindfulness to be able to make sound decisions as a couple.

Couples can engage themselves in Sound Healing with Reiki. This exercise requires couples to lie comfortably beside each other while holding hands. The Reiki practitioner then plays a CD with oneness meditation music. This sacred sound maintains a particular frequency which will help the couples keep their cool while having an energy exchange.

You should do this exercise on a regular basis. This way, the couples will learn how to keep their emotions in check while talking with each other for better decision making.


Reiki Improves The Love Connection

Reiki aims to have a balance among the seven Chakras. You can achieve this by applying pressure, focus, and intention to every Chakra.


Start by sitting facing each other while gazing at each other’s their eyes throughout this exercise. You should begin by touching the lowest Chakra and put some pressure on it. Keep feeling the area until you feel the energy and flow of the Chakra. Once both of you have balanced the bottom Chakra, move up, one by one, until you have reached and touched all of the seven Chakras.

Listed below are the chakras and their respective location:

  • Muladhara or Root Chakra – by the base of the spine
  • Svadhisthana or Hara Chakra – by the lower abdomen
  • Manipur or Solar Chakra – by the solar plexus
  • Anahata or Heart Chakra – by the chest
  • Vishuddha or Throat Chakra – the throat
  • Ajna or Brow Chakra – between the eyebrows
  • Sahasrara or Crown Chakra – top of the head

According to Reiki practitioners, this kind of meditation relaxes the body by placing the right pressure on each chakra. It also improves the love energy flowing inside an individual’s body since they do not take away their gaze from each other throughout the whole exercise. It dissolves the barriers which usually separate partners.

Reiki is not one of those conventional couples therapy many engage in. However, many have endorsed its effectivity in improving a couple’s relationship. It opens your mind which enables more loving thoughts to come in. It also encourages you to act out of love first instead of using anger. If you want to reconnect and heal with your partner, Reiki is the first step.

Remember, a couple that does Reiki together stays together.