This ancient Japanese healing method of Reiki has been discovered and developed since the early 1900s. Since then, a lot of people embraced it. But many are still questioning whether they should try it or not, given the connection Reiki and Christianity share.


The Christian Perspective on Reiki and Why They Condemn It

There’s a lot of talk about Reiki and Christianity– mostly about Reiki being an “occult practice,” as believed by some people. The connection between the two is really one of healing.

In a simple definition, Reiki promotes healing by aligning the universal life force energies in the body, which, when done well, restores emotional and physical well-being. The practice of this healing method is sometimes administered by actual touch, so it is linked to the Biblical description “laying of hands” of Jesus as a healer. Reiki can also be considered an online therapy, as there are now Reiki Online Courses that facilitate energy healing.

On the other hand, there is also the Divine Healing, which can either be through confession, anointing, laying of hands, the Eucharist, etc. According to the International Association of Reiki Professionals, Jesus models for us how preaching, teaching, and healing combined forms a seamless garment of healing.


“Negative Practices” in Reiki According to the Christian Community



So what’s the fuss about Reiki? Some individuals practice it to connect with their spiritual, physical and higher being. By trying to discover one’s secret inner divinity, one is placed at a higher or altered state of consciousness. Christianity Today highlighted how Reiki is considered to be a dangerous meditation. The answer to our plight is not found in this “consciousness” or what is really a deceptive state of mind. The Christian leaders are just asking to place the faith in the unmatched achievements of Jesus Christ.

Christians have always been vocal about their perspective on Reiki in soul cleansing. In fact, Probe Ministries published an article about it. In that article, a Christian Reiki practitioner thinks that it’s the Holy Spirit working through her. While she has a heart for healing, her friend seems to disagree that the Spirit is at work in her. The answer to that was, of course, there are very good grounds for rejecting Reiki if one is “willing to listen to the Bible.” According to a book entitled Basic Questions on Alternative Medicine, although Reiki is said to be an ancient healing practice that Buddha (and Jesus) used, all records of it were lost. It was allegedly rediscovered by a Buddhist monk named Mikao Usui, who claimed that the lost aspects of the practice have been revealed through channeling (or getting in contact or possessing spirit guides).

Contacting the spirit guides are said to be forbidden in the Scripture, since they advocate unbiblical ideas and practices, and are identified as biblical demons. It may come as a stretch, given the simple benefits and advantages Reiki gives.


Christian-Friendly Reiki Practice



Some Christians are so against Reiki that their explanations as to why are quite chilling. But not all are like that. There’s also a group of Christians (Reiki for Christians) who use and support the practice as they believe healing is something appropriate for Christians to be involved with. As long as they have a solid foundation in their faith and they believe in their hearts that God will always protect and guide them, they can follow Jesus’ example to be a healer.