People these days are already familiar with the law of attraction and its tool, the vision board. But what happens if it’s partnered with Reiki? Two of the most powerful things combined. A vision board with Reiki can bring about all the goals and aspirations your heart desires.


One of the greatest discoveries in life is learning how to tap into your inner and higher self, and using it to bring goodness into your life and others’. It is something that every individual has the power to do, but has no idea of. People are too busy living in the world without, instead of discovering the world within. But there are also some who know of this law of life and wants to use the law of attraction to attract their life dreams and goals.


If you do not know how and where to start in “achieving your goals,” worry not. The most effective solution is as easy as creating a Valentine card for your mom. The key is a “vision board,” a powerful visualization tool that helps magnetize whatever you put on it, and turn it into reality. But first, how do you make a vision board?


  1. Think about what kind of vision board is best of you.



Just because it’s called a “board,” doesn’t mean it only works in that format. The top consideration should be “where” you can see it most of the time, throughout the day. You may have it as a digital vision board so you can have it as your phone’s wallpaper, or it can also be your laptop’s desktop background. If you prefer to have it plastered on your cabinet, feel free to do so as well. Don’t be afraid to be creative. Power of Positivity suggested a couple of other formats you may try such as a deck of cards, planner pages, art journal, and etc.


  1. Gather your thoughts and pictures that portray those thoughts.



Whatever inspires and motivates you. You’ll soon be bringing it to life so it’s important to be very specific. Would you like to see improvements in the financial aspect of your life? Do you think you want to advance in your current career and gain more friends? Perhaps you want to travel the world with your soul mate? Whatever it is, write down all your wishes and aspirations in life. This act sets the intention and you are already telling the universe that you are expecting these things.


  1. Make a collage and it’s good to go.



Once you’ve compiled all the pictures (of your goals), you may now put them together to form a collage. Or once you edit it together, set it as wallpaper, or print it out and place it inside a frame. Feel free to try a different way of having it as a vision board. Don’t forget to include affirmations such as “I can do this,” or “I am strong and beautiful.”



Now, where does Reiki come in? If you’re thinking of a formal Reiki class, and already wondering, “How much is therapy,” shrug those thoughts away. This is a different one.


To strengthen the power and effectiveness of the vision board, you must give Reiki to it. Sit in a meditation position and do a Reiki symbol in front of your vision board. One popular symbol is the Cho Ku Rei symbol because it brings the power of the Universe “here,” to wherever you are. Next, have a paper ready and write, “This will manifest for the highest good of all.” Stick it to the vision board.


Once you’ve done all that, make sure that you channel Reiki for 21 days continuously through your palms on the paper. Do that while looking at your vision board and feeling already grateful for the blessings you are about to receive. Have faith and everything will manifest.