You probably know that Reiki is a method of healing which uses the life force as a supply of energy. Yes, it sounds like it would not do anything to your body but hold your thoughts! You may feel like you are not interested at all. But, let me tell you 3 reasons why you should go and give reiki a try. I promise, there is nothing but good things here.

You deserve some peace.

I know you haven’t experienced that for quite some time now. You may already have forgotten what ‘peace’ feels like. Well, that only tells that you are in need of some ‘peace time’ and you deserve it!


Reiki restores balance and improves one’s wellness. If you are experiencing an overwhelming amount of stress, a reiki session will definitely help you from all the stress, pain, and distracting thoughts that run into that mind of yours. Moreover, Reiki is not just for physical healing.


Your skeptic friend might tell you that you do not need any healing because you are completely fine. But, your mind always does. A bit of mental clarity and stress reduction goes a long way. Your body may have enough rest, but that doesn’t mean your mind gets the same rest. Let your mind have its peace and see how better you would feel.


You need to listen to yourself.


We are in a fast-paced world. As much as we hate to admit it, we no longer have time for ourselves. Although we do make time for ourselves, we would rather rush it or share it with work or tasks we need to do.


Talking about balance, reiki enhances your mental clarity which allows you to feel yourself. We spend days thinking and listening to everything external. We fail to listen to what our body, mind, and spirit tells us. It causes our emotions and mood to control us and drive us into dysfunction. We lose a sense of fulfillment because we only satisfy what is outside our bodies. Reiki lets you connect and reconnect to yourself in a much deeper level. It allows you to find your inner voice and makes you a healthier person physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.


You can be others’ source of energy.


Reiki is not all about what is inside, but also about what is outside the body. It allows every living creature to affect the life force of all living things around us. The flow of energy is not limited to one’s body. We can use it to affect others. You may not be a doctor, but you can help heal broken hearts using that energy inside you.

Hence, you may feel extremely fine. You may not need reiki at all. However, there are those who do need it. And you can be the connection! There is the energy inside you that could be of help to others.


There are a lot more reasons why you should try Reiki. No matter what your reason may be, we will all have the same healing, the same wellness from it. No more questions or second thoughts. Find a Reiki therapist now and try your first Reiki session. You may contact Seishin Reiki School for your session or visit The Center of Reiki Research for a list of institutions that offer Reiki.