Reiki - by Lisa

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  • ""I received just two Reiki treatments from Lisa in late 2013. In the first session, Lisa's healing energy was strong enough to break the connection between myself and a very ab..."
    Ashleigh Lawrence
  • "Keado my 10yr old Siberian Husky was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer and another large mass in his stomach in February, earlier this year. The Specialist and his own Vet said "He ..."
    Angel in a dog suit
    Rosa and precious Keado


 Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a non-invasive, gentle, yet powerful method of healing.

It is a gentle Japanese technique for relaxation done through touch. A warm and soothing energy is accessed by the practitioner and flows from the hands into the client, promoting relaxation and well-being and enhances the body's natural healing ability.

Reiki is a spiritual practice and healing art. Reiki, as we know it today, began in the early 1900s. Developed by Dr. Mikao Usui, the true purpose of the Reiki method is to correct the heart-mind, keep the body fit, and lead a happy life using the spiritual capabilities humans are endowed with since birth.

The word Reiki is comprised of two Japanese characters - Rei and Ki.

Rei is generally accepted to mean Universal. However, there is a deeper understanding of this word which more accurately means higher knowledge or spiritual consciousness


Ki is the life energy or vital life force.

Therefore Reiki can be defined as spiritually guided life energy.

Some of the benefits of Reiki are:


* Assistance with stress reduction

* Emotional trauma

* Pain relief from injury, post-operative or palliative care

* Reduction of negative side effects such as those from chemotherapy, surgery and invasive procedures
* Shortening of healing time

* Reduction or elimination of pain

* Assistance in the healing of heart disease, cancer, skin problems and broken bones

* Reduction of stress
* Bringing of balance to body, mind and spirit

Reiki treatment stands on its own as a healing practice and is also safely used to support orthodox and complementary medicine. Reiki doesn't interfere with or diminish the intended effects of other health or medical practices.

Reiki treatments are increasingly accepted in health and community care facilities including hospitals, hospices and cancer support units. For example, at the SolarisCare Cancer Support Centre at Sir Charles Gairdner hospital in Perth, Reiki is the most accessed complementary health treatment for cancer and leukaemia patients. Many patients report significant improvements in their level of pain, fatigue, nausea and breathing.





Do you want to better understand your fur kid?

Are you frustrated and confused by your animals behaviour?

Would you like a closer emotional bond and a deeper connection between you and your animal?


If so, you've come to the right place. At "Reiki by Lisa", I help pet parents and animals lovers to learn more about holistic therapies and how to have a better relationship with each other. Some of the benefits my clients report are:


Peace of mind throughout the crossing over process of a beloved dog

Increase in affection and courage from a rescued cat

Rapid healing after canine cruciate ligament surgery

Big shift in temperament and overall disposition from a horse with back injury


I, myself, have lost a much loved k9 kid. Remembering the frustration and desperation my husband and I both felt at not knowing how further we could help our beloved little dog Monte, I have a sincere appreciation and respect for all people who want a deeper connection with their pets and I'd be honoured to help you every step of the way.